Means of transport

like traveling with the cat

Our little friend can move around using different means of transport:

on a plane the cat, at times, can travel alongside its owner
  • CAR In Italy it is allowed by law to transport only one pet at a time by car, it is advisable to always use the pet carrier.

  • AIRPLANE the journey by plane is complicated to deal with for a cat can sometimes travel alongside the owner or in the hold, even, at times, is even denied boarding. All this depends on the company you are traveling with, it is therefore advisable to choose the one that offers the best comfort to the pet.

  • TRAIN every nation has its own rules regarding the transport of animals on trains. Trenitalia allows free transport, provided that the cat is placed in a container no larger than 70 x 30 x 50cm.

  • by train the cat must travel in a container measuring 70x30x50
  • SHIP OR FERRY Prices and methods vary greatly from company to company, it is good to check the terms in advance, to make the most convenient choice.

  • METRO BUS OR TAXI Each transport company has its own rules regarding the transport of animals, however it is almost always possible to bring your friend with you as long as it is closed in its carrier and with the appropriate ticket.


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