Cat cloak designs

main fur colors the tabby

The design from which all the other cloaks originated is the tabby, which in turn can be:

specimen of tabby mackerel
  • blotched : marbled with butterfly wing design on the shoulders

  • mackerel : with long dark vertical stripes from the back to the abdomen

  • spotted : spotted with small round or oval spots

  • ticket : evenly tapped without drawings


Another design is represented by the tipped, characterized by light hair with darker ends, there are different types:

smoke shell sample
  • smoke : with two thirds of dark hair on top and one third of light silver hair on the base, notable by moving the hair with your hands

  • silver tabby : silver bands alternating with other colored ones

  • shaded : one third of dark hair at the top while two thirds of light at the base

  • shell : one eighth of dark hair on top and the rest light

  • cameo : the equivalents of chinchilla, silver and smoke, but the colored part is red or cream


Coat typology characterized by darker extremities (ears, muzzle, ...). Generally called "Siamese motif", without reference to the race, in fact this motif can also be found in the sacred of Burma and in the Balinese. Variety:

pointed Burmese specimen
  • himalayan : very marked contrast between body and extremity

  • Burmese : points almost the same color as the coat

  • tonkinese : less marked contrast than in Siamese but more than in Burmese

The different colors of pointed cats are:

  • seal point : dark brown with light beige background

  • blue point : steel points on an ice white background

  • chcocolate point : chocolate tip on an ivory background

  • lilac point : gray / silver points on a magnolia background

  • red point : reddish gold ends on a white background

  • cream point : cream points on a shaded white background

  • cinnamon point : cinnamon points on an ivory background

  • fawn point : wet buckskin ends on a magnolia background

  • tortie point : turtle scales

  • cream blue : blue points on ice white background

  • tabby point : lines that circle the legs and tail with the striped mask


Cat hair color


Genetics and cloak

Portaombrelli design Luca Perlini

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