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preparing for a cat show

each cat in his box where he can be admired

To be able to participate in an exhibition, a cat must be accustomed from an early age to traveling and being handled by a stranger, this will avoid moments of panic.

Then you have to register the feline in the desired event (registrations close a few days before the event), of course it is desirable to avoid registering specimens that are not prone to chaos.

Always check before signing up that vaccinations have not expired.

shows it

The events usually last a weekend:

  • the subject arrives clean and toilet on Saturday morning to receive a visit from a veterinarian who ensures the good health of the specimen to admit only healthy subjects.

  • when you arrive at the assigned box, decorate the cat as best as possible; add a litter box with litter that must always be clean, a kennel, fresh water and possibly some food, in order to put the little guest at ease.

  • Just before your turn, put the finishing touches on the grooming, check that the ears and tail are clean.

  • at this point the kitten will be subjected to careful evaluation by the judges and ... good luck! on the second day the "Best in show" (BIS) takes place where all the cats that have obtained the title of "best in their breed" parade and the most beautiful specimen is elected.


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