Hearing cats, hammer anvil bracket

finer than human

The sounds are picked up by the auricle, from here they reach the middle ear where they are amplified by the eardrum and the three hearing bones (hammer, anvil and stirrup), finally inside the organ of the Courts (inner ear ) the vibrations are transformed into nerve impulses which are sent to the brain to be processed.

ear morphology

perceivable band

In the low notes, up to 2000 hertz, the cat's hearing is completely comparable to the human, high frequencies instead the situation changes: while humans manage to reach 4,000 / 5,000 hertz (in rare cases 20,000, especially in children), cats can perceive up to 60,000 hertz

feeling with women

Because of the great ability to perceive sounds up to other frequencies, cats are said to have a greater feeling with women, since, generally, they have a high-pitched voice.


The sense of touch in cats


Sight, how cats see


Balance of cats


The sense of taste of cats


Righting reflex


Smell, how the cat smells

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