Territoriality and hunting

The cat catches three rodents a day

cat struggling with a small rodent

In the past it was thought that by giving less food to cats they would capture more prey, in reality this leads to a catkin of the hunting territory, moving them away from the area that they would like to garrison.

The hunting instinct is independent of the desire to eat and is always present in the cat.


The territory of each cat is divisible into a "primary home", where the animal spells, sleeps, rests and gives birth and a "secondary home", marked with anal glands, which represents the sexual territory.

In the male this dwelling can reach 60 hectares, while in the female about 6. The territories hunting are overlapping, but if a cat invades a primary home of others, the fight is guaranteed.

cat struggling with a small rodent

The puppies also defended by their aunts

The coexistence in close contact leads the females to enter into estrus more or less in the same period, this allows a contemporary breeding of the puppies, which are suckled and protected not only by the mother, but also by the "aunts" who can become aggressive , especially against males who can also kill their young, if found unattended, to induce a new inspiration.


The city colonies


The aristocratic cat


The cat shows

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