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It may seem strange, but before you can decide to get a house cat, you need to make a portrait of the ideal owner.

For the well-being of the cat, therefore, the future owner must be endowed with a sensitivity that allows him to love his cat as such, in all his individualistic and solitary character.

This little feline is suitable for all families, even with seniors and children, as long as it receives all the attention it needs, in fact, despite being independent, it needs moments of play with family members.

It is also essential to respect and share all the spaces in the house (including the sofa).

the choice of the little friend

As for the characteristics, remember that the cat is the result of careful natural selection, so the ideal is to base ourselves on their sensitivity, on what their parents' owners can tell (if known) and, finally, to grasp some "signals" during the first meeting.


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