The aristocratic cat

the most spoiled in their category

domestic cat takes a nap

All the cats who own a master who supplies them with food every day, a permanent home, who cuddle them and spoil them are called aristocrats. Of difficult tastes they can afford to skip the meal if they don't like them, they rest on soft beds, sofas and carpets, they are in fact the so-called house cats.

Comforts change its nature?

Many believe that a life like this distorts them and makes them unhappy. In reality the territoriality of cats depends on the food resources that, if it is present daily in a bowl, can make the cat's territory restricted to the walls of the house.

As for the natural instincts, they do not vanish, it is in fact sufficient to observe the feline grappling with a fly entering the house or with birds and blackbirds in the garden, hunting is inherent in them.

cat consumes his daily portion given to him by the master

Defense of domestic territory

Since the territory narrows a lot, the defense becomes stronger, so be careful before introducing another specimen into a home where an unsterilized adult male lives.

In fact, even if it looks like a cuddly cat, it could turn into a wild cat blower.


Territoriality and hunting


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