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closed litter with odor absorbing device

If you don't live in the countryside, this is undoubtedly the most important object of a cat's kit, you shouldn't choose it too small, in fact, the cat, growing up, could consider it too small and therefore do its needs outside (which would be unpleasant).

It's best to avoid regular sand and sawdust (they could give off a bad smell). Closed litter boxes with internal odor-absorbing devices are also recommended, to be changed every three months.

agglomerable sand in balls, easily removable

Different types of litter

There are different types of litter on the market today, with different prices (sometimes very expensive):

  • normal very cheap, must be replaced completely every day

  • perfumed includes odors, especially that of urine; of variable price depending on the brand, it has a single drawback: if the smell is so strong as to offend the olfactory sensitivity of the cat, it could refuse it

  • agglomerable in balls More expensive than the others, it reduces waste to a minimum, in fact if wet it forms real "balls" that can be easily removed without having to replace all that present in the litter every time our little friend has done his business

  • natural very expensive, it is convenient because, being formed from natural shredded, it can be thrown into the toilet (unlike the others), it must be changed daily and is not always appreciated by the user


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