Territorial cat fields

four different areas, each dedicated to a specific activity

The cat from an early age chooses the place to rest

The cat likes to have four different zones, each one dedicated to a specific activity.

Ethologists call them "territorial fields", one dedicated to game , which simulates hunting for the domestic cat, one for feeding , one for expulsion (i.e. the litter box) and a last for sleep .

cat intent on nailing a fence

It is good to make sure that these areas remain well separated from each other, moreover it is advisable not to continue changing their position (the cat is very habitual).

Every time you get home you have to offer him food, and leave the scratcher in the place where he prefers to "get his nails done", you always have to show the place where you leave the bowls with food and fresh water.

It's useless to impose a place to sleep on him if he chooses it himself anyway.


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