Ideal age of the cat

choosing the ideal age to bring the new guest home

by playing with your mother you learn to be cats

Generally, those who want to bring home a kitten wait for the weaning age (therefore 35-40 days), The selfish desire to have a puppet that eats alone can create both physical and psychological problems for the puppy. It is very important to remember that:

  • Mother's milk contains many antibodies, so the longer breastfeeding is, the healthier and stronger the puppy will grow.

  • Only after thirty days of life does a cat begin to learn the sociability and behaviors typical of a feline through playing with its mother, so it is good to be patient for a while to have a more balanced cat.

Don't rush

It would be better to wait until your baby is 50 days old (preferably two months, two and a half months). In fact, we must remember that a cat, even if it is 5 months old, is always a puppy and able to become attached to its owner like a younger one, even more in many cases.


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