Cat emergencies

first aid

It's good to know what to do in case of an emergency or accident while waiting for the vet's help. First of all: NO PANIC. For the different situations there are also different behaviors to adopt.

heat stroke

Cats sweat very little, so for example, if they stop in a car in the summer, very hot air can cause their internal temperature to rise a lot, causing severe collapses. Muscle spasms, loss of consciousness follow one another, at this point, it is necessary to intervene: first of all, move the cat to a cool and shaded area, bathe the animal abundantly with cold water, to help thermoregulation and move the air with a fan or whatever air does.

it must be ensured that cats do not get hurt during a crisis


Whatever nature they are, you must immediately make sure that the cat does not get hurt, so protect it with pillows and blankets, do not try to contain it or open its mouth, it could react without realizing it. Wait for the seizure to end then take him to the vet


If a drowning phenomenon occurs, lift the cat's back letting the water flow down and cover the victim with a blanket. Therefore, take the animal immediately to the vet to ensure that it is given oxygen.

wounds and haemorrhages

  • Trim the fur around the affected area, being careful not to injure it further

  • disinfect with a non-alcoholic disinfectant and cover, if possible, with gauze

  • if there is a bleeding in progress, try to calm the cat to avoid further blood loss, use containment bandages, but be careful not to block the blood flow

cats are excellent swimmers

Swimming cats

Cats are perfectly capable of swimming, so drowning is likely due to human action.


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