Smell, how the cat smells

fundamental in hunting and communications

perception of cat odors

Surely one of the most developed senses in the feline, the sense of smell is indispensable for this animal both for obtaining food and for inter and, above all, intra-specific communications.

It is the first sense used at birth, through the sense of smell the newborn cat is guided towards the initial feedings.

olfactory cells

Jacobson organ cat

olfactory cells are not only present in the nose, in fact, sometimes, you can see these animals breathing with their mouths open, this procedure allows the olfactory molecules to reach a kind of sac called Jacobson's organ through two orifices placed on the palate perceives the olfactory sensations to then transmit them directly to the brain.

This structure is present in many reptiles and in various animal species but not in humans. Furthermore, through this refined system, cats are able to store odors by associating them with sensations of different nature, including odorous sexual stimuli


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