Cat or cat?

the choice of the puppy

male and female

When faced with a litter, most people tend to choose the more puny.

This is a glaring mistake. In fact, it is always good to choose a specimen weighing at least 700 grams, agile and agile, with shiny fur and lively eyes.

male-female differences

Given that each cat has a marked individuality, there are differences between the two genders, even if it is completely impossible to determine which is the "best".


The body The male is generally bigger, more suitable in short for those who want "the big cat", the female instead is more slender and slender, more graceful in the movements.

The character Inside the house he is always a "puppy", a need for affection and caresses, however, aware of his role as a male, he is ready to smell and inspect anyone who enters home. She, on the other hand, is apparently more independent, but willing to dedicate herself only to the member of the family she has chosen.


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