Coat hygiene

you should always brush your cat

It is well known that the cat is a hygienist, in fact every day he provides his grooming completely autonomously.

However, it is desirable to have the cat follow a further daily treatment to further improve the hygiene of the little feline's coat.

Daily treatments

It is good to brush the cat every day and go over his coat with a latex glove (found in every pet shop), this allows you to massage the skin and remove dandruff and accumulated hair.

In fact, if the cat is constantly licking its coat, it ingests a large amount of hair that collects in the stomach in skeins that can cause constipation or regurgitation.

To avoid this, in addition to the brush and the glove, the ideal would be to superficially pass a wet sponge and well wrung out of water and lemon juice. This practice keeps short and long-haired cats clean

The bathroom

contrary to the common belief (that the cat is afraid of water) bathing could be a good treatment, of course you have to get used to the cat from an early age.


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