Cat nail hygiene

the cat sharpens them by itself

in some situations it is appropriate to cut the nails of your cat

exhibitions and competitions

If the cat has to participate in beauty contests or exhibitions in general, then it is mandatory to trim the nails, this does not mean that they must be cut up to the pink part near the root.

artisan scratching posts are often more appreciated than those on the market

the ideal scratching post

In everyday life, the cat takes care of filing its nails by itself, so it is advisable, from an early age, to provide it with artisan scratchers, such as a log, a piece of cork, a piece of carpet attached to a wooden board or a piece of corrugated cardboard. Often these homemade objects are more appreciated by our little friend rather than scratching posts that can be found on the market, consequently getting used to using them.

the nails: the most lethal weapon of the cat

the disobedient cat

If we were to catch our cat intent on getting his nails done on a piece of furniture or on a sofa, a dry "no" will suffice, clap your hands and accompany him to his scratching post.

Gently rubbing the pads of the upper legs on it, so that it "leaves its footprints" and learns how to use them accordingly.


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