Cat vocal language

more than a hundred different sounds

the purr

the cat purrs even when it feels pleasure, for example for cuddling

the purrs are produced by the vibration of "false vocal cords", present in the larynx, they have a double sound, as they are emitted both during inspiration and exhalation.

The puppies feel the purr of the mother, who emits them while breastfeeding as a sign of tranquility, after a few weeks they are able to reproduce them to show satisfaction for a good feed.

Growing up, the emission of this particular sound remains and sometimes takes on opposite meanings: irregular purrs constitute a state of maximum well-being, when they are regularized they indicate the desire to stop an activity that was pleasant.

Uniform but vigorous purrs symbolize the desire for something pleasant, while very loud purrs indicate that the cat is in pain and seeks help.

open mouth sounds express disapproval

sound classification according to Mildren Moelk

  • mutters : uttered with your mouth shut, they are expressions of greeting or invitation.

  • appeals : issued while the mouth closes, they are the typical "meow" of the cat, they are question signals.

  • shouts : uttered with their mouth wide open, including hisses, they express complete disapproval or threat.

complex speech language system

The cat has a complicated vocal language, in fact there are a hundred different sounds that this little animal can produce, compared to only forty of the dog.


Cat body language

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