Diseases of the cat nervous system

the cat's brain can get sick

as in any other animal the cat's nervous system is very delicate


It derives from feline immunodeficiency virus (Fiv), which is a sudden high fever, seizures, salivation, visual impairment and finally loss of consciousness.

ischemic encephalitis

Characterized by a decent acute with the presence of seizures, confusion and loss of consciousness.

seizures and convulsions

Not as frequent as in dogs, these crises can also affect cats, often secondary to other major diseases.

The seizures manifest themselves with short convulsions, intense meowing and cramps of the jaw muscles, usually lasting a few seconds, at most two minutes.

Immediately after a crisis, the cat is stunned, then restless until it gradually returns to normal. During the crisis it is strongly inadvisable to try to restrain the cat, which, in the grip of the crisis, could unknowingly bite or scratch.


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