Cat symptoms

visible symptoms in the cat that it is better not to underestimate

wink: the cat winks

A list of the main symptoms that can be encountered:


  • WICKING: rapid and instant closure of all the eyelids, when the cat squints, in fact, it could not be just a simple conjunctivitis, but this could be due to many other diseases.


  • CONVULSIVE CRISIS: targeted therapies, in this case, must be implemented as soon as possible.

  • DIARREA: this symptom can have different connotations depending on the color, the mode of evacuation and the consistency.


  • DIFFICULTY TO URINATE: it is a very painful thing for the cat, so you must help him as soon as possible trying to understand what it entails.

  • BREATHING DIFFICULTY OR DYSPNEA: it is a symptom that requires immediate intervention, since, regardless of the cause, it is certainly something serious.

  • POLYURATION AND POLIDIPSY (DRINKING AND URINATING A LOT): Never to be underestimated, the underlying pathologies are often quite serious.

  • ITCHING: It is a very annoying thing, you should solve the problem that causes it, without trying to remedy it by making do with various medicines to remedy the superficial lesions.

  • the itch is very annoying and the cat can read itself
  • RIGURGTO: different from vomiting: it occurs immediately after food intake and undigested food is rejected.

  • INCREASED SALIVATION: There are several causes that lead cats to drool at the mouth.


  • Sneezing: these, with the nasal discharge are not necessarily the result of simple colds.

  • cat sneezing are often underestimated
  • COUGH: it should not be underestimated, as there are many reasons why it can occur.

  • VOMITING: There is vomiting of food, which occurs some time after the meal, but there can also be vomiting transparency due to the presence of mucus or gastric juices, the causes are many.


  • ZOPPIA: Here too it can be caused by countless factors.


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