Diseases of cat aging

when our friend gets old he becomes weak

renal insufficiency

The kidneys are no longer able to perform their tasks regularly, they are unable to clean the blood of waste, they no longer retain useful molecules and they do not reabsorb water. Symptoms are not specific and differ according to the disease, however the most common are excessive thirst, weight loss, dull coat, and, often, vomiting.


hyperthyroidism is a thyroid malfunction

It's overactive thyroid. This gland malfunction can be suspected when the cat, despite maintaining a high appetite (it could even increase it), loses weight, tends to drink and urinate a lot, breathe quickly and manifest hyperactivity.

joint disorders

The articular cartilages wear out and degenerative joint damage is generated. This leads to weight loss, dull coat, stiff and uncertain gait lameness.


It is also called the "silent killer", in fact with no apparent signs, it is often accompanied by renal failure and hyperthyroidism. It can cause blindness and haemorrhages in the retina.

diseases of the oral cavity

The most common are: gingivitis, gingival retractions, stomatitis, tongue ulcers and tartar. Bad breath, difficulty in chewing, refusal of food, increased thirst and loss of saliva are the most obvious signs.


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