Decalogue of the cat

the ten basic rules

The basic rules to follow with the cat:

you don't have to get used to cats sleeping on the owner's bed
  • dirty only in its litter All cats from the first excretion are subject to this rule

  • must have a regulated diet has fixed times to eat, remember not to alternate long fasts with abundant fodders

  • must not sleep on the bed the resting place is always chosen by the cat, however it must be prevented from sleeping on the master's bed, perhaps by closing the bedroom door

  • must not request food from the owner this is a habit that is given by the owner himself who would otherwise run the risk, every time he sits at the table, of being next to a meowing mycic

  • it is advisable not to bring cats closer to plants: they could dig holes
  • must not climb on the laid table or kitchen furniture a fundamental condition for having a minimum of hygiene

  • during the game with the owner he must not extract his nails this is a condition that can easily be respected by the cat, with an appropriate timbre of voice and some corrective "packet"

  • must stay away from plants in addition to avoid poisoning, very often the kitten enjoys digging holes

  • cat who gets his nails on the scratching post
  • must not climb the curtains this could of course ruin the curtain, which could anger the owner

  • to sharpen his nails he must use his scratching post in such a way as to prevent the cat from remaking his nails on household objects, such as rugs or similar

  • to have fun has its toys you have to get toys for the cats so that they are not stimulated to play with household items


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