Cat skin diseases

feline dermatitis

parasitic dermatitis can induce intense itching

parasitic dermatitis

Caused by skin mites, they are characterized by small crusts and hairless areas accompanied by lesions that the cat gets scratching for the severe itching.

allergic dermatitis

Here too the itching is so prevalent that the cat scratches and licks itself so hard that it injures itself, the causes can be different:

  • flea allergy

  • adverse food reactions

  • Eosinophilic granulomatous disease

The primary responsible for this type of pathology is the microsporum canis, which can be transmitted directly from infected specimens or, indirectly, from cages or common environments.

fungal dermatitis creates rounded holes on the victim's coat

fungal dermatitis or dermatomycosis

There are rounded areas without hair, with a red halo. There are no real preventions, the only recommendation is to take the cat to the vet as soon as round holes appear on the coat. The cat must also be sanitized well.

skin and subcutaneous tumors

  • squamous carcinomas : mainly affect older cats with white fur.

  • fibrosarcomas : They are small hard knots under the skin. They are found mainly in the area around the neck, between the shoulder blades, on the shoulders and on the lateral parts of the trunk. As soon as you realize the problem, don't waste time and take your little friend to the vet: tumors must be attacked immediately!


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