Cat obesity

an increasingly frequent phenomenon in the home

obesity can cause serious damage to the body of the cat

how to find it

Palpation of the side : Put your palms on the side and move it back and forth, you need to be able to feel the ribs without too much pressure.

Palpation of the back : Move your hand over the spine to the pelvis, you should feel the vertebrae.

Evaluation of the ventral adipose pocket : pass the hand under the belly, feeling the "fat bag", which must not look like a skin of fat.

why a cat becomes obese

some reasons:

  • too sedentary life

  • age: the adult cat under 10 is more predisposed

  • sex: mainly males

  • high calorie diets

  • anxious states

  • breed predispositions


you can run into different risks, being much more subject to some diseases (even very serious), for example:

  • diabetes mellitus

  • osteoarthritis

  • urinary disorders

  • skin diseases

how to prevent obesity

It is necessary to intervene as soon as the cat begins to gain weight, making him move a lot, or play, you must often play with him by providing him with a stimulating environment.

Food must be dosed according to the right dietary tables, not being pity by giving him extra food. If you are unsure of the right diet for your little friend to follow, you can ask your vet to designate one for you.

to prevent obesity it is necessary to provide the cat with a stimulating environment

what to do

First of all, each member of the family must agree on the fact that the cat should lose weight, in this way it is avoided that someone gives tidbits outside of meals.

Then you just have to follow the same rules of prevention, that is to follow a balanced diet (perhaps having it prescribed by your vet), play with it a lot and keep your weight under control.

never be pity

A big problem that causes a cat to obesity and makes it difficult for him to go out is the fact that the owners take pity, never do it and stick to the prescribed diet.


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