The childbirth of the cat

the fateful moment has arrived


When the faditic moment is near, the cat calls and invites you to follow her to the chosen place. A little scared, she seeks support and help. She helps her, to calm her down, caress her belly and abdomen.

the baby is being born

the actual birth

At this point the purr will become stronger and stronger and there will be the first contractions, anticipated by faster and faster breathing. The contractions, at first more distant, will be closer and closer until the waters break.

The cat continues to lick itself until the first amniotic bag appears, instinct guides the cat that licks and gnaws the bag until the baby comes out, tied by the umbilical cord to the mother's placenta.

At this point she licks the baby vigorously to help him with his first breath. Typically, the birth lasts less than 4-6 hours with a break between one birth and another of about half an hour. At the end, the last placenta is expelled.

puppies during the feeding


As soon as they are born, the little ones look for the mother's breasts from which a first liquid called colostrum comes out, rich in antibodies, proteins and minerals, replaced in the following days by real milk.

Kittens who are deaf and blind from birth have no thermoregulatory capacity, so they warm up with the heat provided by their mother.

Therefore the cat will not move from the crib for at least one or two days, the nourishment for these days is provided by the digestion of the placenta (ingested during birth). It would be good then to bring her some rich meals to allow her to recover from labor.


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