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the digestive system in all its parts

The digestive system begins with the mouth cavity, the place where digestion begins, cats like all mammals are the only animals that chew, therefore they are equipped with teeth to fragment the food once it has entered the mouth, here the bolus (chewed food) is also attacked by salivary enzymes, chewing is also aided by the palate and tongue

Teeth fixed in the cavity of the maxillary bones, they are heterodonti, that is different according to the use. Cats have double teeth: a temporary or milky one (which appears after 15-20 days) and a permanent one. The incisors, which are of little use to carnivores, are small, while the canines, being fundamental for capturing prey, are long and strong, then there are premolars and molars.

teeth of the cat

Rough language has a large number of pointed papillae, all facing backwards, in fact it is used not only as a "rasp" for nutrition, but also for cleaning the fur.

Mouth This is followed by the pharynx and esophagus, through which the food bolus reaches the stomach.

Gastric juices are very present, in fact, despite the well-stocked teeth, chewing is coarse.

Intestine place where the nutrients are taken and the expulsion of the waste ones

The feral teeth

The last upper premolar and the lower molar are much larger and protruding than the other teeth and their crowns are very sharp, excellent for tearing the meat, therefore they are named feral teeth.


Respiratory system


Circulatory system


Skeleton and musculature


Cat urogenital system

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