Cat eye diseases

you can run into blindness

eye diseases can induce blindness

prolapse of the third eyelid

The cat has a third eyelid, in the inner corner of the eye that protects the cornea. In the event that prolapses, corneal lesions from scratching, neurological alterations resulting from various diseases or a sign of general malaise could occur.


Epiphora, or excessive leaching, is due to partial stenosis of the nasolacrimal ducts. It is much more common in Persian and exotic shorthair. Nothing alarming, it is in fact only an aesthetic problem: excessive tearing leaves a reddish streak under the lower eyelid.


conjunctivitis cause intense itching and tearing

They are just infections of the conjunctiva, often linked to viruses or respiratory problems. They cause itching, intense tearing and redness.

keratitis and corneal ulcers

inflammatory lesions of the cornea, while the latter are due, in most cases, to the struggle with similar, are therefore of a traumatic nature.

detachments of the retina

quite common in cats. They can, at times, spontaneously regress.


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