Cats and babies

is the cat a friend of children?

If female the cat will tend to adopt the human cub and will want to sleep with him

The portrait of the cat carried for a walk by a child as if it were his toy is typical: frowning snout, eyes that express disappointment, low ears but always retracted nails. You know, the cat, like the dog for example, is not a companion animal. Rather solitary and reserved, he loves silence and tranquility.

However, she has a very special relationship with children.

It is therefore the task of adults to ensure that their children adopt behaviors appropriate to the relationship with a cat, it is essential to teach them, from an early age, the difference between toy and animal. At this point it will be the cat that approaches its owner when it feels like cuddling or playing.

the cats and the baby make friends immediately

the cat is already there when the baby arrives

First of all, it should be emphasized that if the doctor or pediatrician says to get rid of the cat, you must not listen to them, rather you must change them! In fact, all the children raised on the farm have no more problems than those raised in the apartment (although they have always been in contact with animals, even less hygienic).

The real problem is that of feline jealousy, every time you have time, in fact, you have to cuddle your cat and if he no longer comes to seek contact as before you have to make sure that he is dedicated some time, it needs affection.

There are cases where, especially if the cat is female, the feline wants to "adopt the baby", at this point it will want to sleep with it in the crib, avoid screaming and chasing it brutally, it would be ideal to remove it gently, for the first months, after which after a few months, if you decide to allow the feline to sleep with the baby, there would be no contraindications.

the cat will go to the child every time he wants to play

the cat enters the house after the baby is born

You understand each other between puppies, there will be no problem, but it is advisable to always keep the claws short, as kittens are used to using them during play when they are small.

if you decide to give the cat to the child

This, like every time you decide to take a pet, is a choice that must be made with great care, a child is not able to manage an animal of this type. Mom must be cleaning the box in the beginning. Once you are sure of the right choice, it is best to have your cat examined by a veterinarian before bringing him into the house.


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