Skeleton and musculature

elegance, power and speed

cat skeleton


skull like that of all mammals, it is platibasic, i.e. enlarged in the basal area, as a consequence of the development of the brain and the olfactory system. The mandible is a mobile bone of the skull, as are the ossicles of the inner ear.

vertebral column like all mammals the vertebral column begins with 7 cervical vertebrae, proceeds (only for this type of feline) with 13 thoracic, 7 lumbar, 3 sacral vertebrae and a variable number (twenty roughly) caudal vertebrae. Between one vertebra and the other there are intervertebral discs, in such a way as to allow flexibility of the skeleton. Thirteen pairs of ribs join the thoracic vertebrae

limbs as in most carnivores, the atria of cats are digitigrades, ie they rest on the ground only with the fingertips, this guarantees greater agility. The cat has five toes in the front legs and four in the hind legs. The other rear being very flexible and can bend in the shape of a "Z", thanks to this peculiarity great shooting power is guaranteed.

musculature of the cat


The muscles are very elastic, they guarantee much more speed than resistance , their contraction is very coordinated able to provide great speed and precision in movements with sudden changes of direction. The skeletal musculature is very powerful, especially in the limbs, this allows the cat a great shot.


Digestive system cat


Respiratory system


Cat urogenital system


Circulatory system

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