British shorthair cat

its emergence of this breed

british shorthair cat

It appeared already in London, in 1871 (during the first cat show), not unlike the common European cat, it was decimated with the arrival in Europe of Persians and Orientals, such as the Siamese.

There was then a decline of the breed, the few survivors were hybridized in the 1950s with the Persians. In 1970 the breeders decided to mix the British blue with the Chartreux, but from 1977 the breeds were diversified again due to their different origins.


build medium to large, broad and deep chest; broad shoulders and back, massive and a little stocky, notable difference in size between male and female

head round and massive

neck very powerful and well developed

ears small and slightly rounded

nose short, wide and straight, without interruption

eyes large, round, open and set wide apart; the colors vary from orange to copper

legs strong and short, with round feet

tail thick and rather short

coat short and thick, also with a good undercoat, the varieties are similar to the European one


Chartreux cat breed


American shorthair


Scottish fold cat


Manx or Isle of Man cat

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