The gestation of the cat

behavior during the gestation period

The pregnant cat becomes increasingly clumsy

Already after a couple of weeks, through a palpation of the abdomen you understand that the cat is pregnant, with an ultrasound you can understand the exact number of fetuses.

During this period the expectant mother will be more cuddly than usual and not necessarily hungrier, but in this case you have to be careful not to make her get too fat, this could cause problems during birth.

After the first month her abdomen will start to swell, the cat will look more and more awkward.

the choice of the place for the birth

As the moment approaches, the cat will look for a suitable place to give birth, drawers and wardrobes are highly aspirated. It is the duty of her good owner to build a sort of cradle that will host her during the happy event that will take place between sixty-three and sixty-five days after mating.


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The childbirth of the cat


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