Behavior of the elderly cat

particular behaviors typical of "old age

in old age the cat tends to sleep more and more often

Sleeping more, eating less, avoiding jumping and too much movement, neglecting daily grooming are symptoms of aging in cats.

In addition to these normal behaviors, however, particular behavioral disorders related to the emotional and cognitive sphere can also occur: "depression from senile involution". Main events:

  • evacuation of urine and faeces out of the cassette

  • sleep disorders

  • wandering around the house in disorientation

  • they stop staring at objects and walls for no reason


Often with senility problems of various kinds can occur in individuals, also related to the physical, but the real fulcrum of the problem certainly lies in the aging of the brain and in the changed relationships that the cat has both with the environment that surrounds it than with the family.

In fact, with advancing age, neurodegenerative problems arise, responsible for episodes of disorientation, confusion and inability to follow the usual habits of life, such as that of daily grooming.


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