Sight, how cats see

the legendary and fascinating eyes of the cat

Cat's eyes are made up of different structures;

Pupils The shape of the pupils is curious, in fact they can go from a vertical slit shape in the presence of a strong light source, up to a circular shape in the dark.

Eyelids when these remain ajar, the passage of light remains very limited, the cat is in fact very annoyed by a source of strong intensity, a third membrane called nictitating is used to minimize the glare. also used to protect and clean the eye.

Nerve cells the main ones are the cones and rods, the former are used to define images and distinguish colors, the latter are sensitive to brightness.

dilation of the pupil according to the intensity of the light in the cat

Do cats see at night?

These characteristics undoubtedly denote an excellent adaptation to night hunting, despite this not even these animals are able to see in total darkness, but they are still able to move thanks to their developed tactile abilities.

binocular vision

Due to the scarce presence of cones and a very dilated pupil, which therefore does not concentrate the visual rays, cats do not possess a great definition of the image and sharpness in the perception of colors, however, unlike other animals, they possess a good binocular vision, ie the ability to superimpose the visual spectrum of both eyes, therefore able to evaluate all distances with good precision.

pupil dilation according to the intensity of the light


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