Manx or Isle of Man cat

the lack of a tail conceals serious physical deficits

in general

Due to a genetic aberration, these cats have no tails. This genetically transmitted anomaly causes serious physical problems, such as the reduction of the vertebrae which limits the ability to walk and balance. Therefore there is a high mortality rate.

manx the cat of the Isle of Man

physical aspects

  • build : broad rump, broad and rounded, hips wide and deep. the short and close vertebrae determine the dorsal curve.

  • head : same characteristics as that of the European.

  • nose : straight.

  • legs : hind legs longer than the front, so as to give an ascending line to the back. Sometimes this is corrected by excessive bending of the hind legs which characterizes a gait similar to that of the rabbit.

  • tail : totally absent in real manx. It is possible to feel, by touching, a hollow at the end of the spine. Even those with short tails are recognized today as manxes.


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