Cat education

how to educate your feline

it is good to scold your cat after every prank

The cat is a clean animal (it washes itself), from the first excreted not licked by its mother, it usually gets dirty in the special litter box and has its own rules of life.

The education of your pet consists, then, in not allowing it to do things deemed intolerable by the owner.

Climbing on the curtains, eating on the table, sleeping in bed, ... To do this it is advisable to scold and / or spank the animal immediately after the act (doing it after a few hours would not make sense as the cat does not would understand the reason for the scolding).

Just let it go once and you have to start over. The little furry friend understands what the owner wants from him, he will no longer perform that action in his presence ... but he will do it as soon as he is gone.

the cat needs the attention of its owner

Get attention

Sometimes it can happen that the cat does some "mischief" on purpose, to attract the attention of the owner.

In this case it means that he feels neglected, we should give him more attention.


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