The cat shows

the first cat shows

exhibition of the Sacred of Burma in Milan

At the beginning of the nineteenth century with the increase in the presence of these little friends in the houses, the owners also began to want to exhibit their cats and compare them with others, in 1871 in London in the Crystal Palace there was the first cat show.

However, it was necessary to wait until 1887 for the National Cat Club to be established, which drew up the "book of origins", with the origin and genealogy of the specimens

the arrival of exhibitions in the United States

After a few years, in 1895 the first exhibition arrived, then there was the birth of the Cat Fanciers' Association (CFA)

the birth of the FIFé

In the twentieth century, exhibitions also began in continental Europe, in France, Italy, Switzerland, ... but it was in the 1930s that the first supranational organization at European level was established to which they now belong, as well as national associations of the continent also some extra-European: the Fèdèration Internationale Fè (FIFé).

This organization set standards to attribute to each cat to divide them into different categories and to be able to subsequently trace the genealogy and pedigree.


Territoriality and hunting


The city colonies


The aristocratic cat

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