Holidays with cat

better to take the cat with you

every good owner brings his cat with him every time he leaves

We must never assume that cats do not become attached to the owner but only to the house, it is precisely for this reason that every good owner should bring their friend with them during their holidays.

If this is not possible, it would be best to have a friend or relative come at least once a day to give them food, water and to keep the litter clean.

He can also take it with him, to his home, to give him some company, but it is essential that the cat already knows the environment and that he does not find other animals that are not compatible with him, such as dogs or other cats. .

The "pensions" for cats

in pensions cats are forced to live with other cats

the phantom boarding houses for cats are a solution only in case no one is willing to look after the cat in the absence of the owner.

There are many, even very beautiful ones, but you have to be careful: the hope of having a cat live together with other similar ones that it does not know for a shorter or longer time is not only optimistic ... it is risky.


Means of transport

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Cat sanitary rules


Travel with the cat

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