Diseases of the cat genital system

essentially affect females

the only therapy against ovarian cancer is sterilization

ovarian tumors

These pathologies affect non-sterilized female specimens, the clinical symptoms may be the suspension of estrus or a more prolonged one. They can be traced to abnormal hormone production. Therapy is sterilization.

infections of the uterus

They are often due to hormonal alterations, they manifest themselves with suspension of oestrus, depression, apathy and increased thirst. They must be observed very well, especially unsterilized cats and once the symptoms appear, they must be immediately taken to the vet before falling into death from septicemia.

breast tumors

They are practically absent in cats spayed at a young age (five months of age), while they are frequent in non-sterilized or ovariectomized cats after one year of life. They are in the vast majority of cases malignant tumors. It is therefore very important to keep the cat's udders under control at all times.


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