Perception of cat pain

even if it may not seem like it, the cat suffers

when in pain the cat often tends to meow as soon as it is touched

as it manifests

When your cat doesn't meow or complain, you often wonder if it's in pain. There are signs that can make us understand if this is happening or not.

Usually, if it suffers, the cat tends to hide in quiet places, minimizes its movements and is apathetic, but not only: there are less striking but very indicative manifestations of its pathological state:

  • It tends to fold in on itself and becomes aggressive if touched in the painful area.

  • It meows even if you caress it.

  • If he has pain in his abdomen, he folds up on himself to protect the injured part.

  • The muzzle has a contracted expression, breathing is often frequent.

  • Eat and drink less.

  • You don't clean your fur.


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