Domestic dangers for the cat

common hazards present in the home environment

The cat in its daily life in the home environment is subject to various dangers, the good owner must try to prevent them:

some cats are excellent balancers
  • tents One of the first activities performed by the cat, once arrived in the new house is to climb the tents, which, in addition to arousing the owner's anger, is a source of danger the animal that could fall from above causing injuries or fractures.

  • windows and balconies another irresistible attraction for these felines are window sills and cornices, although some cats are gifted with exceptional acrobatic skills, others are real landslides, it is therefore good to avoid that they engage in performances in the absence of the master. In fact, in addition to the risk of falling, they could also hit and therefore drop objects such as vases, which fall could have disastrous consequences.

  • often the symptoms of poisoning can be confused with other diseases
  • stoves Enemy of the sweet tooth, it is good to pay attention (especially in modern kitchens, where the stoves are continuous with the other furniture) that, when the stove is on, our friends hairy do not wander around the hot pots.

  • electric cables Especially in the first months of life, kittens love to nibble and play with these rubbery cables, which however pose great risks of electrocution.

  • toxic substances Often the intake of toxic substances can be fatal, as the symptoms are often confused with other diseases and have a delayed effect. The main hazardous substances are gaseous (such as gas leaks, carbon monoxide, ...), liquid (such as disinfectants, antirust, solvents, ...) or solid (such as detergents, moths, ...). Furthermore, these substances can be taken by inhalation, skin contact, eye contact or ingestion.


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