The FIFé standard

the birth of the 'real' European cat

In 1983 the FIFé decided to establish parameters, colors and well-defined structures to be able to identify the "pure" European cat, without confusing it with those of the British and American breed or in any case from crossed specimens.

standard fifé

Physical characteristics

build medium size, not too big, but strong and muscular

head massive, longer than wide, overall it looks round; full cheeks, slightly rounded forehead and skull.

nose short, straight and wide.

ears straight and well spaced, quite small, wide at the base and high in the same measure, rounded at the tip where, sometimes there is the presence of tufts of hair.

eyes large and round, slightly oblique, open, never bulging.

legs wide and well spaced.

tail of medium length, should be wider at the base and taper towards the tip.

coat silky, with bright tones, with short and thick hair, not woolly.


The feline varieties


Defects for the regulations

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