Relationship with other animals

the cat can live with any other pet

the cat loses its predatory instinct towards the hamsters (and other animals) with which it lives

small pets

By nature, cats tend to chase and play with anything that moves. So a goldfish in a bowl or a bird in a cage are great pastimes.

If the cat manages to get out, however, he will easily learn the difference between what is huntable and what is human property.

guinea pigs can be excellent playmates

However, to avoid problems it is always better to leave the animals out of reach, especially in the absence of the owner.

The same problem could be posed with mice and hamsters, however a cat raised in contact with these animals almost certainly loses the predatory instinct towards them.

relationship with dogs

Guinea pigs and rabbits can make good playmates.

dog and cat can be friends

relationship with dogs

The relationship with dogs is completely different, in spite of the typical saying "to be like dog and cat", often (both at home and in the countryside) we see cats and dogs living peacefully, often even falling asleep together.

The reason for this dual behavior is due to differences in intraspecific languages. In fact, the problems are overcome when there is direct contact between the two and in fact when the cat no longer feels threatened.


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