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After having talked about the digestive process necessary to transform foods into nutrients, having exposed these nutrients now it is necessary to focus on the foods from which the nutrients are derived.

Let's start with meat which is the main source of proteins and lipids, that is energy.

In an ideal diet it is estimated to feed 25/30 g of beef or horse meat for each kilo of the animal, not exceeding 450 g per day.

Also important is white meat, chicken or turkey, a source of highly digestible proteins, which must be given cooked and without bones and skin. Offal is also rich in nutrients but should be well cooked.

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Fish is an excellent source of proteins, minerals and phosphorus and is rich in vitamins A and D. Privileged source of proteins (egg white) and lipids (yolk) can be given to our dog by cooking the egg white very well.

Dairy products should be given in small quantities almost as if it were a delicacy. Let's not forget cereals, such as rice and pasta containing starch.

Since the assimilation of starch by the dog is complex, it is good that the cereals are administered cooked for a long time.

Fruits and Fats

Fruit and vegetables provide minerals and vitamins: excellent zucchini, carrots, green beans, peas, all well cooked and crushed.

And finally the fats that perform an energetic action and are essential for the assimilation of vitamins A, D and E.


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