Contraception in dogs

avoid pregnancy

dog contraception

There are several ways to avoid unwanted pregnancy:

  • Ovariectomy (for the female): a surgical operation for the removal of the ovary or even the ovariohysterectomy that is also the removal of the uterus. It is necessary to intervene before puberty or between the first and second heat as it prevents the formation of breast tumors by 90%. Side effects: urinary incontinence but also obesity and paradoxical heat;

  • Salpingectomy : a surgical operation where the uterine tubes are removed or closed; Hormonal preparations consisting of natural or synthetic steroid hormones, which interfere with their natural production and suppress the menstrual cycle. Side effects are linked to the onset of mammary gland tumors, endometrial cystic hyperplasia and pyometra. They can aggravate diabetes. With the latest generation preparations the risk of the onset of such pathologies has been reduced;

  • Immunocontraczione : a vaccine that acts on the zona pellucida, the membrane that surrounds and protects the oocyte, forming a protective barrier against spermatozoa. The vaccine has the following advantages: it does not alter the ovulation processes, it is a reversible treatment and it avoids the introduction of exogenous hormones.

  • Removal of testicles (for males): in this case there is evidence of a reduction in prostate pathologies as well as reducing the dog's aggression and behaviors such as marking the territory with urine.


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