Childbirth of the dog

giving birth

This is a truly unique moment!

First you need to prepare the box by clearing it of cushions, rags and various objects and fasten clean towels on the bottom of the box that will be changed daily to avoid creating hygiene problems and to prevent the folds of the rags from suffocating the puppies.

Already in the days preceding the happy event you will be able to see the change in the behavior of the bitch that will scrape the ground, fidgeting a lot, not eating or throwing up food. It will also seek darkness and solitude to "create the nest".

Calving happens easily if the bitch is left alone and alone. Sometimes it is possible to observe the breaking of the waters that precede the birth by about 30-40 minutes.

parto dog

After a few strong pushes, the puppy will be ejected into the membrane which the dog will quickly tear apart with her teeth and promptly sever the umbilical cord. Almost immediately he will expel the placenta which he will swallow to leave everything perfectly clean.

The first puppy is followed by all the others who can be born indifferently in cephalic or breech presentation. If the mother does not look after the newborns, it will be necessary to:

  1. free the pups from the membrane;

  2. cut the umbilical cord by waiting a couple of minutes and cutting it with well disinfected scissors 2-3 cm from the abdomen, after tying it with thread;

  3. open the puppy's mouth to free it of mucus by holding it upside down;

  4. shake the puppy with some energy to help it start breathing;

  5. massage the baby on the abdomen and chest gently to keep it warm.

The birth can last 3 or 4 hours to be considered normal but if 2 or 3 hours go by without the dog having had other premites, despite having other puppies in her lap, it is best to contact a veterinarian who will be able to solve the problem by practicing a Caesarean section.

When the birth is finished, we spread a clean mat in the box and leave the dog quiet and in the dim light.


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