Sterility of the dog

inability to fertilize or procreate

pair of dogs

The inability to procreate is subject to various factors that only careful examinations made by the vet can reveal.

It is therefore very important to report to the doctor as much information as possible so that a complete picture of the dog's life can be made; the vet will then proceed to an examination of the reproductive system.

In the case of male infertility, the dog may be subject to:

  • hyposexualism caused by congenital diseases such as genital hypoplasia

  • sperm anomalies: low concentration of spermatozoa, insufficient mobility or a high percentage of morphologically abnormal sperms

  • lack of libido: caused by hormonal imbalances

  • psocological problems

In the case of female sterility, the dog may be subject to:

  • mismanagement of the coupling such as choosing the mount at the wrong time

  • hypoplasia of the genitals

  • vaginal or vulvar lesions

  • persistent hymen

  • a herpes virus infection

  • hormonal dysfunctions attributable to obesity, thyroid disorders and progestogens used previously.


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