Take a walk with the dog, pay attention to the weather conditions

attention to weather conditions

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When you decide to go out for a walk with your dog or when you're out walking with him, you need to take into consideration the weather conditions.

Sun, snow, wind and fog can be pleasant experiences if you use certain precautions.

Let's start with the ARIA that the more it is moist and more polluted, the more harmful fine dust is deposited on the ground: the dog with its nose closest to the ground will not benefit from this condition .

The temperate air between 10 and 20 ° C is an excellent condition for walking. With hot summer air and the heating of the apartment, we will have to take action instead

As for the LIGHT the same rules apply as for humans: excessive and prolonged exposure to the sun can cause sunburn, erythema, dermatitis. Even the eyes can be affected by the strong light: walks should therefore be avoided during the hottest hours.


Even the WIND can be very appreciated if moderate, on the contrary it can annoy the dog and it would be better to avoid walking. Remember to never leave the dog with the head out of the window: conjunctivitis, ear infections, diseases of the respiratory system and sometimes insect bites are lurking.

The FOG is thicker and more likely to cause colds.

Walking under the RAIN especially in summer can be really pleasant for the dog. With winter we should avoid going out; accurate drying will be required on return or waterproof!

SNOW is loved by the dog in a similar way to children. Be careful that you do not eat too much and wash your paws when you return because often there is salt in the snow that irritates the fingertips.


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