Respiratory system of the dog

airways and lungs

cough dog

The dog's respiratory system consists of the airways and lungs. The airways are divided into upper and lower.

The upper airways are made up of:

  • nasal cavities

  • rinopharynx

  • laringe

  • cervical portion of the trachea

The upper airways are made up of:

  • thoracic part of the trachea

  • bronchi

  • bronchioli

The respiratory system is responsible for breathing, that is to say that function that allows you to supply the body with oxygen and eliminate carbon dioxide.

It also makes up for sweating in its thermo-regulating function: when it is hot, the respiratory acts increase and the dog opens his mouth to facilitate the process: we are talking about respiratory polypnea where the respiratory rate passes from 30/40 to 300/400 acts per minute.


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