Parasitic and fungal origin

diseases affecting the dog

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Let's assume that there is an army of parasites ready to lurk in the dog and can be divided into:

  • internal parasites (endoparasites)

  • external parasites (ectoparasites)

Internal parasite infestation is particularly threatening to puppies due to the ease with which it can occur and the complications it can cause. In puppies, worm infestation results directly from mother to fetus via the uterus or through the mother's milk.

In adulthood, however, it originates through the ingestion of eggs, larvae and parasites present in the external environment or through vectors (such as ticks). It is not easy to immediately notice that the dog is infested: however it is possible to report a series of symptoms, clear detectors of their presence:

  • dull hair

  • anal itching

  • appearance of small worms in freshly emitted stool

  • unmotivated fatigue, loss of appetite

  • unexplained weight loss, diarrhea and vomiting

  • appearance of allergic phenomena

  • anemia

The worms that can infest your dog belong to two groups:

  • roundworms (nematodes)

  • flat worms or tapeworms (tapeworms)

Round worms come in three different types: roundworms, hookworms and trichiurids


Fungal diseases

Regarding fungal diseases we can talk about:

  • candidiasis internal (thrush if localized in the mouth, genitals and urinary tract) and external (between the interdigital spaces or in the ear. Recommended medical therapy with antifungals.

  • Cutaneous mycoses defined as dermatomycosis and ringworms, very common among dogs and humans. They are supported by fungi and the predisposing factor is the poor hygiene of the hair and the environment. Alopecic areas are created and over time they can extend to the whole animal. Therapy is systemic orally and topically-locally with antifungals. The treatment should be completed with antifungal baths or ointments. Medical treatment must be preceded by shearing the animal to eliminate the fungi and to facilitate the application of topically applied drugs.

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