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Plaque and tartar are the most insidious enemies of the dog's teeth: from the mineralization of the first one passes to the formation of tartar which causes not only dental and oral problems but also to the heart and liver. Bad breath is an indication of poor oral hygiene.

Every type of dog needs it: we can use a TOOTHBRUSH with soft bristles or the rubber THIMBLE, better tolerated by the animal.

toothbrush dog

You start to pass it on the outside and then gradually move inside: used to this operation you can try it with the toothbrush.

Tooth brushing should be done twice a week using a solution indicated by the veterinarian or simple sodium bicarbonate.

To the vet

If there is a large amount of tartar, it is necessary to proceed, instead, to a specific operation performed by the veterinarian under general anesthesia.


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