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water dog drinks

Water is a non-energetic element, but an indispensable one. The dog's body needs water to function, if only to regulate body temperature.

Fluid intake is therefore essential to compensate for the daily water loss that occurs through perspiration and urine.

The water must always be clear and fresh (usually tap water is fine): mineral water is recommended if there is pollution of the water network, if the artificial feeding of an orphaned puppy is in progress, to administer a cure for orally or in certain pathologies.

The dog's water needs vary from dog to dog according to size, age, physical activity, temperament, state of health, consistency of the portion of food, number of daily meals and climate.

The adult dog knows how to manage his water needs: it is up to us to put him in a position to have fresh and clean water to the extent of 2-3 times the weight of his daily ration, which can be increased up to four times during the summer.

How much water

The rule dictates, at least 50 to 60 ml for each kg of the actual weight of the animal.


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