How to behave with the dog during the seasons of the year

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The dog loves being outdoors but it is advisable to put in place a few more precautions in the most extreme seasons.

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WINTER : here you have to pay close attention to sudden changes in temperature. Before the walk, the dog should be kept in the hallway of the staircase to start acclimatizing it, especially this applies to puppies, elderly dogs, short-haired and/or small dogs.

We recommend a coat or an old sweater which can be particularly useful in these cases. However, remember to take short walks to avoid the onset of respiratory diseases and to make your dog's diet richer in terms of calories and protein, especially if he lives outdoors.

winter dog

SUMMER : the same recommendations apply here as for humans. Walks in the morning or late afternoon and in the hottest hours to keep the dog in the shade. Never leave the dog locked in the car, even if the windows are lowered, because the passenger compartment does not allow adequate ventilation.

Dogs, in fact, do not have sweat glands like humans and therefore cannot disperse heat through sweat: the only cooling method they possess is based on the exchange of air through the breath!

When do you eat in the summer?

In the hot season, food should be given in the morning or in the evening as dogs tend not to eat in the heat.

We try to prefer dry foods, which deteriorate less, and foods with less energy. The important thing is never to forget a nice bowl of clean and fresh water!


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